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  • Book Binding Secrets: Part One

    The number one essential for any book binding project is quality, book binding paper – short grain, book binding paper, to be exact. I’m going to share the papers I have used in my shop.

    Book Binding Secrets: Sourcing Short Grain Papers for Signatures 
  • My Favorite Studio & Book Binding Tools

    Hello! Today I thought I'd share some of my favorite tools that are in constant use in my studio. A lot of these tools are universal for any creative studio and some are specialized for book binding.

    Favorite Studio Tools 
  • The Ultimate Guide to Printers

    You've sourced the best printable, book binding paper styles, from my shop. You've purchased your short grain papers and you're ready to print. Will your current printer do the job? Do you need a new printer?

    Book Binding Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Printers- Pt. 1 
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"Absolutely perfect download for printable journal paper and now i can make my journal! Thank you so much!!!"

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